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As a high-tech venture company, A&M Group's operations on the world stage have created a new landscape that no one has ever seen before through "innovation" that creates new value based on 21st century "sound". Our development alliance members and partners are scattered all over the world, mainly in Europe and West Asia, bringing together young talented geniuses from all over the world to create what we consider to be the highest value on a global level.

Based on the premise of powerful IT services to the world's population of 8 billion people, we are realizing a series of globally competitive projects. EarEffect" is a patent-pending, next-generation sound platform that has been developed with genius programmers in Sweden, Germany, England, and other countries, overcoming many challenges. Through the development of "EarEffect," which was considered impossible even by the world's best programmers, the company built up its sound engine know-how, and began full-scale development of VST/AAX plug-ins for "FinalEffect. Furthermore, we have established a concept that has greatly overturned the conventional definition of "plug-ins that transcend hard gear," and we always place importance on cutting-edge thinking that leads the world market. We are growing in an aggressive manner, focusing on elements that are essential for an international venture company, such as an unprecedented approach to development, branding and marketing, and the energetic imagination and creativity to continue to create new value that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

At the core of this growth is the company's origins and its development as a music production company with a strong global track record, including its participation as mastering engineer and sound producer for the official music of the 2018 World Cup in Germany, its participation in the production of international broadcasts at the Shanghai World Expo, and its involvement in national and international events, as well as its participation in the production of many other projects. The company has participated in a wide variety of international productions, including the official music for the 2018 World Cup in Germany as master engineer and sound producer, as well as international broadcast productions for the Shanghai World Expo. Our aggressive innovations have attracted the attention of audio equipment manufacturers around the world, and we have been contracted as an official international endorser for 15 top manufacturers in Germany, Poland, and the U.S. Furthermore, our contracts with manufacturers around the world have been expanded from endorser contracts to establishing a Japanese subsidiary and becoming a sole distributor in Japan. In addition, we have established a brand-new and diversified business model that is unique worldwide.

We are aiming for further growth as a group by combining our own brand GENESIS SOUND TECHNOLOGY, the sound platform EarEffect, the plug-in brand FinalEffect, and all of our businesses as a trading company.

As a high-tech company that "creates valuable innovations in the international community," we hope to continue to be a company that creates the coming society and creates a landscape that mankind has never seen before, with an imagination greater than that of medieval artists.

Hiro Furuya joined to the official song of World Cup 2018 in Germany as a mastering engineer and sound producer.


Business Departments




EarEffect, sound platform-type software. A global strategic IT product.

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Development of Audio VST plugin and sound engines. A global strategic IT product.


A&M GROUP Development

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IT systems development division specializing in sound engines and platforms.




Management of GENESIS, expanding globally with a focus on IoT headphones.


A&M GROUP Trading

The sector of distribution for wholesales and supporting endusers.

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Hiro's Music Production

(Germany / Japan)

​The main office of Hiro's Music Production located in Düsseldorf, Germany, Japan.


GENESIS Infinity Luxury Gold is now available.

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